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Fitness is a journey, If you expect a few stubbed toes, uphill battles, and seemingly endless plateaus they won’t seem so daunting!

They are all a part of the adventure!

‘Living’ is a crazy thing to do every day, think about it, we are alive until we are not but the Verb of living is something earned over time. It is gained by taking action no matter how often the short term results disappoint us. Our long-term efforts bring with them a satisfaction guarantee!

I have to remind myself of that every day.

Bernadette is a lifelong student of health and fitness and the founder of Writersblock.live. From an active childhood, spent competing with 7 siblings for the best fort building trees on a midwest acreage, to bailing hay, and participating in every sporting activity her last name would allow for (anyone from a small town will understand this) she has never stopped seeking self-improvement.

She excelled in the areas of Psychological Study, as well as military fitness, graduating from both training components with honors due to fitness related achievements. She went on to train incoming recruits in the same department while using her background and continued interest in nutrition, and mental awareness to help ease the pressure of beginning fitness jitters.

You are here, no matter where that is be proud that you are taking the initiative to give yourself better.

After placing in the top two in 2/3 marathons, and ranking high in multiple competitions beside she is finally ready to extend the positive mindset she has gained through blood, sweat, and tears to other women seeking to achieve their own success in those areas.

Under the belief that there is no “one size fits all” approach to achieving these goals we will explore the many beneficial techniques that she has gained over the years, as well as those she will be trying in the future. This is the place to ask any fitness related questions you may have!



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