The Joys of Writing: A Poem for You



(I hope you enjoy!)

All I can say is I empathize with both sides of a never-ending spectrum

Infinite positions are available at this table from high to low,

Agendas, interests, entertainments, and narratives,

anything to disrupt an internal flow,

Replacing a racing heart, with comfort’s consistency,

enables me to stay away from where I wish not to go.


Within each, lives choices ranging from love to the lack thereof, depravity.

I’ve seen these traits rooted deep in me, the reptilian that lives within every human.

Chronos called, Apparently he found my findings funny,

He didn’t say so but, his laughter suggests I can bet my money,

he finds our ability to waste time so carelessly hilarious,

And asked me to teach the class, he’s getting sick off of us.

As a final blow, he told me to say hello to the Easter bunny,

to infinity and beyond, when the ability to say no is nearly gone,

Suddenly the truth begins to dawn,

I might be acting like a caged animal in this scene, but I am no cannibal.

Though primal instinct would have me do anything to conform,

and in that depravity, a resistance is born…


Baptized in blood a Pheonix takes form,

Underneath humanities urges, lies a desire to beat them,

“Father Time, you’d ride our wasted time to the end,

I know it’s a choice drug of yours,”

The inner muse is taunting,

flaunting the fact this piper hasn’t been pied…

it’s our superficial roles he’s high on.


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