Wow... The parallels I'm met with while researching are astounding. Heroes, and Inventors, and Prophets, Oh My!   A stars death is celebrated when its fate is excepted, with a graceful bow, and a final show of brilliance it explodes, and so a billion stories are spread in the form of its ashes,   stardust... … Continue reading The Joys of Writing: YOU ARE MORE THAN YOU SEEM


The Joys of Writing: A Poem for You <3 Part 2

A Midnight Meeting With My Muse   A beautiful lady paid a visit to my dreams, sprinkling musings of beautiful things throughout, she left symbols glittering for me to wonder about, Through the hazy feelings, I called questions back, but it didn't seem to work like that.   She motioned me forward for one final … Continue reading The Joys of Writing: A Poem for You ❤ Part 2

Day 4: Reflection Sometimes.... Sometimes, my heart just hurts, and then I hear a song and it threatens to burst. I'm not sure what is worst, being so close you can taste it, or the fear that you'll  find it and waste it.   Sometimes, the right time never seems to come, Hopes are high and then … Continue reading Day 4: Reflection

Exposition There's something in the water, but I like the way it tastes. It gets right down to business, we're falling race by race. Sweet dreams are made of this, and who am I to dismiss. They take our pent-up traumas, and paint ancient history into current dramas. Entertainment for the feasting, while taking away the … Continue reading Exposition

Day 1: “In the Woods”   From the Inside, Out... We can be free, we can be free, what does that sentiment say to me? I close my eyes and I'm surrounded in green, the leaves of trees whisper to me of the things they have seen, They don't bare the harsh assessment they never condemn, green to my namesake, They give … Continue reading Day 1: “In the Woods”


BE FREE When I first started writing it was a therapy, a way for me to get all of my feelings out so they wouldn't explode on the world around me. Somewhere along the way, I started writing for other people, it was something I was good at and like the middle child stereotype suggests, … Continue reading Beginnings