Sire Satire

Hey Fear, I have a few things, just some minor complaints about you, a few aggravations over the ‘little things’ you do. I’m gonna let them out before I come unglued, One thing I think we should agree too,   you’re not the best for me, You keep me guessing, it’s so depressing, it’s keeping … Continue reading Sire Satire


Asking for a Friend Toes brush over the pavement as she pushes away from the ground, swinging herself in a rocker, thinking of ways to fall down.   Chains creak along in time with spring morning sounds, The quiet outside is deceiving, happy birds almost go missed, She wipes away tears over tethered wrists, another's secrets clenched inside, hidden in … Continue reading Asking for a Friend

Rocks and Rakes

You turn your sad eyes to look straight into mine, and for just a moment we steal a moment from time, I tell you through tears I'm doing just fine, I know you see through it, you know I am lying.   I'm sorry I'm not stronger, but I promise I'll try, seeing you like … Continue reading Rocks and Rakes

PUT DOWN YOUR STONES, LET’S PICK UP MIRRORS FOR A MINUTE   Modern society came into existence during the industrial revolution, when large portions of the population were driven from small towns into big cities in search of work and opportunity – instigating the birth of a mass society. While the development of a mass society generated benefits through the intensification of the division of … Continue reading PUT DOWN YOUR STONES, LET’S PICK UP MIRRORS FOR A MINUTE

Room With a View

There is something in the water, it screams in after dark, It's preying on the children while they're playing in the park. A generation of pedophiles and sharks, narcissists and narcs. What you put in is what you get back,   but lately I've been sniffing and I think I've found the rat...   Ten … Continue reading Room With a View


I've learned so much from different characters at every point in my life. At times of strenuous loneliness, and moments embodied in strife. Someone would swoop into my mind and decide it was time to take the reigns, These characters got me through the growing pains. Now, there were times that I didn't trust them, … Continue reading Characters

Heroes Journey…

The true heroes pull value from within. A true hero spins gold with what she's given. I didn't get here by doing what I'm told.   If I said gold and you saw green, then, true love, I'm convinced you've never seen, the smile, by my hand reflecting from a strangers face, that's how we win … Continue reading Heroes Journey…

It’s just Sex… It’s JUST sex… I’m just… Sometimes, I listen to my music and feel myself feeling. This is my crazy beautiful life and I'm the one stealing... Time to let go and my emotions show it, but a little voice comes alive to make sure I know it.   Tell those who've led you to this moment, that no one but … Continue reading It’s just Sex… It’s JUST sex… I’m just…

Jealousy Is a Fixed Flavor

Because jealousy is a fixed flavor, It's part of our nature to savor it, I can accuse anyone rightfully under a guise, ruin their life super spitefully with a sprinkle of lies, that leads to their delicious demise, how I kindle the win is irrelevant, I'm an angel, heaven set, he was a demon, hellbent. … Continue reading Jealousy Is a Fixed Flavor

Silhouettes and Stand Stills   Why be offended, over sticks and stones? Who cares, if they've broken your bones? Their hollow words won't break your spirit. Because of what you know they can't get near it There's a secret strength to be found in pain.   For those brave enough to embrace it, with big enough hearts … Continue reading Silhouettes and Stand Stills