The Joys of Writing: Shifting Perception, and Other Little Acts of Freedom

If you're going to speak do it freely. Use words wisely but don't spare them at my expense. I think it comes down to consistency. I'm almost convinced it's in the actions we repeat, not the words that we speak that bears witness to our existence. But only half of what I say makes sense, … Continue reading The Joys of Writing: Shifting Perception, and Other Little Acts of Freedom


A Joyful Short: Diaries of a Fairy (Ep.2)

Episode 2: Where We Stand, Now...   The messy florescent lights burnt my eyes, this was the worst part of pretending to be human. So I go inside instead, I ignore the lights and I watch myself walking. I wander up the stairs wondering all the way 'how does everyone else see me?'. I push at the … Continue reading A Joyful Short: Diaries of a Fairy (Ep.2)


An Original Short Thriller A chair creaked back and forth malevolently through the hum of a mumbled mantra. The contents of the seat repeated itself evenly between each breath its echoes setting the darkness ablaze. The man behind the murmuring sat stock-still through the creaking office chair. And though no light illuminated the space, his … Continue reading “DO YOU FEEL IT”

I See You

  Sometimes it begins with a picture, sometimes with a single sound, and then before you know it, you are out adventure bound, the structure of life was never meant to be rigid, buying into the cold cut American dream just seems frigid, peddling slices of humanity one piece at a time, selling the lot for … Continue reading I See You

Give Me Coffee…

... Or This Means War... A Bitter Battle With Winter As told before coffee... It's so stupid cold outside I would rather stay within these walls and hide, curled up in my blankets with a steaming mug of joy. I take in its phantom aromas still weighed down in darkness wrapped in the confines of … Continue reading Give Me Coffee…