Chapter One The Not So Evil Stepmother "Daddy! You can't do this!" She screeched. The child's eyes were blinded in the sorrow peeling away at the layers of her tender heart. "Daddy you can't replace mamma!" "Lenny," Her father took a step further, holding out his hand. Lenny glared down the tears threatening to build … Continue reading Characters


Somewhere, Over the Rainbow…

little lemmings falling hard, little lemmings lose their guard, Little lemmings make a line, To the ledge where death will dine.   and for some reason, we're still shocked, when backlash follows the ones we've mocked. When logic comes in loaded and locked, Words are weapons when we abused them, it's our duty to carefully … Continue reading Somewhere, Over the Rainbow…

Running Thoughts Are Better Left Written Down

I had a thought while running today that really stuck with me. I think it stuck with me because it was the perfect example of why I try not to say things out loud until I've properly thought them through. When words leave our lips too soon, before they are ready, they tend to leave … Continue reading Running Thoughts Are Better Left Written Down

Scratch Pad

When I wake up in the morning a million little thoughts greet me just begging to be the first one, the loudest one, the most painful, the most blissful, the most heard out of all the others.  Who needs an alarm clock when you have a million little rattles doing the mamba over your mental landscape. … Continue reading Scratch Pad


TO BEGIN When you sit down, cross your legs and pick a foot, you know your sore spots best, muscle them out, girl! After this Paragraph, close your eyes, take some deep breaths and focus on rubbing your feet. They need your attention for a moment of blissful togetherness. This exercise is all about being playful so … Continue reading GUIDED RELAXATION: INNER CHILD AND THE ADULT SELF