The Joys of Writing: A Poem for You <3 Part 2

A Midnight Meeting With My Muse


A beautiful lady paid a visit to my dreams,

sprinkling musings of beautiful things throughout,

she left symbols glittering for me to wonder about,

Through the hazy feelings, I called questions back,

but it didn’t seem to work like that.


She motioned me forward for one final look.

Hidden beneath a dreamy fabric lie a beautifully glowing book.

Bound with ancient leather and words burnt to its surface.

“This is your gift to the world my beautiful girl, your purpose.”

She smiled so wonderfully I nearly melted,

I can’t tell you the level of love that enveloped me but I felt it,

as I walked forward slowly to get a better peak.

The closer I got the more the picture faded,

for fear, I reached out to take it instead of waiting,

just then I woke, only to lay there faking,

hoping if I went back to sleep I might sink back into my dream,


Eventually, I kicked off my comforter reluctantly,

finally accepting that for the time being,

my glorious legacy would remain unseen,

lost to the shadow of a doubt.


Either way, I’m convinced I met my muse that night.

My evasive playmate left me with a hunger I can’t fight.

To chew endlessly at the memory of a single bite of paradise,

the memories drop enough crumbs to keep me from starving,

while I try my hand at filling an otherwise empty plate,

I know the fates are waiting for me to create the feast I met in my dreams…


I know we will meet again she and I,

until then all I can do is try,

to write the story she promised me,

that fateful night while I was sleeping.


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