Wow… The parallels I’m met with while researching are astounding.

Heroes, and Inventors, and Prophets, Oh My!


A stars death is celebrated when its fate is excepted,

with a graceful bow, and a final show of brilliance it explodes,

and so a billion stories are spread in the form of its ashes,



The stuff they say we are made of is based in the same,

the cycle of life and death laying claim to us,

which means we are capable of the same heroics too!


A true hero goes out with a bang in the same way,

/doing whatever it takes in spite of the pain, it’s insane.

Care to learn a lesson or two? Some are gracious enough to leave blueprints,

in the form of impressions that allow us to witness the glorious steps,

and feel compelled to follow through.


A real creator celebrates a universal contribution by taking a bow,

before making space to dream up the next big invention,

outside of the normal comprehension, they never stop digging,

leaving truffles of information for us to picking,

should we be brave enough to face the stakes that lay in the wake of genius,

The cost may include your sanity if inspiration is rooted in vanity.


A modern prophet’s job’s never done, put out one fire only to move along,

on to the next complex problem in need of illumination.

Until their message becomes their earthly damnation.


The greatest Leaders never lose sight of their mission,

not even in the face of their greatest temptation.

Though they’ve been known to fall,

To get backed-up against a wall,

Through the mess, they never give less,

they get back up and concur all

and fight for their message to the death as they’ve been called,

at which point they burst into a million ideas and aspirations around the world.


The best of all three categories have nothing to lose,

and a will that allows them to pick up a shoe way to big for personal use.


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