The Joys of Writing: Failures Can Bear Fruit Too!

I faced my first real failures in my early twenties. Things weren't looking how I'd planned them too. A brand new dystopian dreamscape had stolen realities place. Unfold into a story which until now has been left untold. With an eight-year military contract underway, and drudging through not one but two unfulfilling degree paths day after day, … Continue reading The Joys of Writing: Failures Can Bear Fruit Too!


Asking for a Friend Toes brush over the pavement as she pushes away from the ground, swinging herself in a rocker, thinking of ways to fall down.   Chains creak along in time with spring morning sounds, The quiet outside is deceiving, happy birds almost go missed, She wipes away tears over tethered wrists, another's secrets clenched inside, hidden in … Continue reading Asking for a Friend