The Joys of Writing: A Peak into Weaknesses Becoming Keys

SIDEBAR: Treasure Hunts


One of my earliest setbacks manifested as a struggle with words. authority figures around me just sure, I would need special attention, not to mention separation from my peers? Insult to injury in the eyes of a little pea, who hadn’t see the ways she thought as a bad thing… until then.

I thank God my mom saw opportunity where others simply saw weakness. She taught me early on, through long hours in front of flashcards, piano, blackboard lessons to move through, good things seem to come reluctantly. But once they belong with you, there is no question my relationship with words took on convection.

Looking back being dyslexic should have been a dead give away to my most inspired direction. Usually, the places of most need end up pushing out the greatest deeds in stories revolving a heroes journey.

From where I sit now, my growing obsession with the craft of writing makes more sense than it used too. Born with an imperfection just begging to be turned into a future compliment, writing has proven to be both, my greatest bane and heaven-sent.

Never stop trying because a goal doesn’t come easily if the desire is there then hidden somewhere beneath is a tool of solid gold waiting to aid thee. The stronghold built on what used to be a setback has the potential to be much more rooted in the individual. In the end, you won’t just live there you’ll walk the hidden passages, map the secret gardens and live a life full of the hard-earned fruits it provides.



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