THE JOYS OF WRITING:A Squirrelly Good Chap


I was on my way back from a bike ride just now when the most amazing thing happened.

I’d gone a little bit out of my way to hit a hidden path that curls around back the cul-de-sac we live in.

I love it! Its company is always a special treat if anywhere lead someplace magical my bet would be down its beat.

Anywaaay, as I was enjoying the crumbling leaves and fleshy piles of melted snow I was inclined to look skyward and I went with the flow.

The trees above seemed more slender than I’d last saw them, sadly their leaves were nearly gone,

And the ones still barely hanging on? Tinker together like little bells highlighting an otherwise blue sky in bright yellows.

Just as I came to the top of the hill surrounded by wooden fences on both sides and looming trees shooting up from somewhere underneath,

I took the moment just to breathe,

And just then?!

A tiny squirrel caught my eye at the same time as his caught mine.

He froze, in mid-launch and turned to face me on his haunches…

The spectacle brought to mind a favorite tv series, the intensity he was watching me with?

I found my steps slowing his stare made me smile and I yelled out,

“hey you!”

Or something stupid, to him it probably just sounded like noise retrospectively,

I was probably better off sending good vibes telepathically and just kept smiling,

but he didn’t seem to care over his deranged and striking ears,

he didn’t seem to scare easy, a trait that’s always extremely pleasing!

As he continued sniffing the air his tail twitched endlessly,

relaying a reciprocal feeling of intrigue to me.

At this notion, I smiled so big my face nearly split, I couldn’t get over his fluffy mits!

So I spun as I walked past for one final look, only to find, he’d done the same,

in a single glance, we’d shared a curious dance before leaving each with a playful impression.

In that quick little blip unfurling between us, he’d become ‘my little squirrel’ and I, his most significant girl,

for the moment… (se la vi, isn’t it?)

I don’t know if he REALLY knew what I was, but I know I’m at my best when easily impressed by other things,

I feel most alive when I’m absorbing an entire scene while enthusiastically searching for my own place in it,

Isn’t that what makes ecosystems work after all, intrinsic creativity linking various components to a shared reality? What’s good for you should be good for me and vice versa?

I can’t deny a serendipitous existence when it tends to work magic in spite of me.

Finally, the lesson to this story about the squirrel and a girl…

When everything is seen as interesting, each piece holds the potential to unlocking the puzzle of what makes me, me and well, he, currently my favorite fuzzy squeeze.

Regardless of the motive, we’d both taken a moment to observe an alien component and in doing so became mutually important.

Simplicity is key and finding Joy in little connections is what adds convection to an otherwise stale reality.

I hope in some way you find beauty in your day, today!

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