Day 4: Reflection


Sometimes, my heart just hurts,

and then I hear a song and it threatens to burst.

I’m not sure what is worst,

being so close you can taste it,

or the fear that you’ll  find it and waste it.


Sometimes, the right time never seems to come,

Hopes are high and then I just feel dumb.

I’m sitting here waiting, twiddling my thumbs.

Wondering if I will become someone.


Sometimes, the truth looks a lot like lies,

Sitting here dumbfounded catching flies,

with my open mouth, slackjawed in disbelief.



Sometimes, sleep is the only release,

and running a hundred miles a relief.

Other times, nothing seems to work,

and I am stuck with my words, feeling like a jerk.


At times, I look at everyone else around me,

and wonder how I came across this dream,

Sometimes, it feels like a net,

I can’t let go, and I can’t forget.

At what point will it embrace me?

At what point will it set me free?


This time, I see it all so clearly,

my time will come, it’s ‘do or die’.

As long as I keep my eyes on the prize,

Dear Me, Don’t give up.


Just remember…

Don’t let go, you’ve come too far,

You always knew it would be hard.

So lead the charge and throw worries to the wind.

It’s okay Little Bird you know where you’ve been.


Sometimes my heart just hurts,

the times I can’t seem to find the right words.


Just remember…

Don’t let go it will be okay,

Today is different than the other days,

Even when it’s dark your feet will find their way.

Every breath is a blessing in disguise.

Don’t you dare compromise not a single word.

You’re still alive Little Bird…


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