There’s something in the water,

but I like the way it tastes.

It gets right down to business,

we’re falling race by race.

Sweet dreams are made of this,

and who am I to dismiss.

They take our pent-up traumas,

and paint ancient history into current dramas.

Entertainment for the feasting,

while taking away the underlined meaning…

Humanity is retreating,

While Fear is competing,

Greed is completing the mess,

and Love is only doing it’s best.

Loyalty’s busy conspiring with the enemy,

While Direction’s drifted to the back seat for a rest.

As you can see in this pseudo compassion fest,

Jokers and Thieves are at the heads of the table,

Using our feelings to spin their ‘perfect’ fable.

Before transpiring across a network of cable,

Intimacy has been drowning in disease.

Swipe left over me if you please,

I want nothing from it.

I will stay with my old fashion trends,

Stick with my good old fashion friends.

I don’t need a ‘like’ to feel the love,

I don’t need direction from anywhere but above.

Meanwhile, passion is burning one down,

putting off the pain of losing its crown.

and Complacency  isn’t interested in leading the way,

not today, no not today,

it wears the crown as a conversation piece,

leaving a gaping vacancy,

where soulfulness used to reign in peace.

Zombie nation by creation,

and all we can do is our best…



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