It’s just Sex… It’s JUST sex… I’m just…

Sometimes, I listen to my music and feel myself feeling.

This is my crazy beautiful life and I’m the one stealing…

Time to let go and my emotions show it,

but a little voice comes alive to make sure I know it.


Tell those who’ve led you to this moment,

that no one but you will ever own it.

Because you’ve found love doesn’t mean you condone it,


Now that I’ve found a way not to be alone with it,

I can see just how grateful I’ve become in light of it,

Such a beautiful thought it couldn’t be wrong,

Over time a song began to take shape.

with an inevitable lyric, I couldn’t escape.


I’d never heard the melody, so I composed it,

Red lips whispered the words, through my heart where I’d enclosed it,

I sealed it with a kiss and the memories I’d never miss.


Only now did I fill in the rift, I sing it loud as I unwrap the gift…


Hey you with self-loathing intentions, look what I did with me!

See the success your offering of less lent to me?


Show me the gold you’ve made in lieu of the dark…

If you want to leave a mark that’s the perfect place to start,

we’re ALL swimming in a minefield infested with sharks…


The sharks are looking for an easy meal,

trying to make their way in life, trying to feel,

Sometimes poison is the only way they can deal.


Stop lurking, that’s how they keep the chain jerking,

share the beauty you’ve taken refuge in,

Celebrate the life you’ve been given,

you only have one body to live in…


The song within keeps telling me,

Without you, I wouldn’t be,

without that darkness and the sharks,

I’d have missed my mark…

my brightness may have never ignited…

My greatness never sighted…


Without the wrong, there is no right,

That outer fight buried you alive from the inside.




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