Jealousy Is a Fixed Flavor

Because jealousy is a fixed flavor,

It’s part of our nature to savor it,

I can accuse anyone rightfully under a guise,

ruin their life super spitefully with a sprinkle of lies,

that leads to their delicious demise,

how I kindle the win is irrelevant,

I’m an angel, heaven set,

he was a demon, hellbent.

It was only a matter of time…


and if leaving my jealousy with a full belly’s unwise,

and if Karma is real and pigs really can fly,

man are we in for a super surprise.

We can’t outrun the bed’s we make with a hand full of glittering why’s.


Just because we’re given a gift we feel like forgetting,

something we think of as bad, or worthy of regretting,

Find a way to forgive it first because it’s gonna take some vetting.


Something that you or I said,

is misinterpreted,

and neither of us can admit,

that we had anything to do with it.

it wasn’t my fault, I don’t have the energy, but verbally, I’ll get involved.

The first steps toward a heart made of salt.


Take that‘ is a bitter villains song for guilty reasoning,

a dark dreary flavor for seasoning.

The best beginning for a horror story,

because lonely tears and angry fears lead down a red and gory path…

leaving tragedy and death forever in its aftermath.


I have a hard time taking a tone of ‘poor me’.

Sob stories without purpose bore me,

Pain, we all have opportunities to bare its bite,

It doesn’t mean that we have to share the gash in a negative light,

To me, it’s like limping away from a fight…


Wish to piss with the devil, then insult his vanity.

a trait he passed along to humanity,

laugh him off and you will see,

he likes to be taken seriously,

I follow my heroes leads,

and try to look for the beauty,

keeps the strings from reaching me.



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