Heroes Journey…

The true heroes pull value from within.

A true hero spins gold with what she’s given.

I didn’t get here by doing what I’m told.


If I said gold and you saw green,

then, true love, I’m convinced you’ve never seen,

the smile, by my hand reflecting from a strangers face,

that’s how we win back this tired human race.


Stop pleading your own cases,

with bias and pointed phrases.

A home run starts with three other bases.

In the end, we’re all running from the same places.

You can’t conceal broken beneath pretty laces.forestflower


2 thoughts on “Heroes Journey…

  1. “Stealing Time: Live Live or Die Hiding”
    by Bernadette Grove
    Published June 6th 2016
    Would like to share info on your June, 2016 publication.


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