Day 4: Something Beautiful


There are whispers drifting over the airwaves,

they sweep me away lift me into a daze.

Surreptitious susurrous, with a switchblade synopsis,

separated by moments of serendipitous sustenance,

Kindness on a whim, bringing me in,

telling me stories I crave to hear,

only to pull them away and replace them with fear.


Baby, I crave me,

I don’t need you if you can’t reflect that clearly,

I was sucked in by the silence,

I remained through the pyrrhic pain,

Don’t you worry,

I didn’t endure these papercuts in vain.


I am listening to the piano playing at my fingertips,

I press harder while I do my best to get a grip,

Pound down a melody key by key,

I close my eyes and compose until I float freely.


Baby, I crave me,

I don’t need you if you can’t reflect that clearly,

I was sucked into the silence pounding out a melody,

making love to the keys,  until my fingers bleed,

I break the surface, so grateful,

for these papercuts.


I play through the tears and tell myself tomorrow,

I can whisper too you see, so I tune into my sorrow,

and borrow an ounce of violence from the cold around me,

I breathe in its crispness and suddenly I see,

It plays out quite beautifully.


Siccofantic and unromantic, I keep it to myself,

To break through it will take you some time.

But the moment you hear the tune,

you will begin to form a symphony,

leaving no more room,

for another’s darkness to sweep in and consume.


Life-giving little papercuts to remind us we are alive,

the spark of genius igniting from the inside.

These thoughts of mine turn to a talisman,

I keep it a secret, contraband.




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