Unrequited Love: Death By Dating App

A Modern Disease I looked into my empty screen for the billionth time in two days.   Still no reply…   Maybe reception was bad…   Maybe he doesn’t like you?   Maybe he was abducted by aliens…   Less likely than the previous option…   He said he was going to be out of … Continue reading Unrequited Love: Death By Dating App


Day 4: Something Beautiful

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwtljkGZJnI   There are whispers drifting over the airwaves, they sweep me away lift me into a daze. Surreptitious susurrous, with a switchblade synopsis, separated by moments of serendipitous sustenance, Kindness on a whim, bringing me in, telling me stories I crave to hear, only to pull them away and replace them with fear.   Baby, … Continue reading Day 4: Something Beautiful