Princess Crocodile

There’s something sexy about the way I dance,

I can’t stop shaking in my pants,

I take a breath, eeerch what does that even mean?

I can’t write that, it’s just obscene,

who cares who sees or if anyone is watching,

This little tune has me hopscotching.

Across the floor and begging for more,

it’s all about the West coast swing.


Makes me want a flapper dress,

red lipstick and look my best.

No need to plump out my chest.

It’s all about the footwork,

as your sliding side by side,

sashay, and plie like I know what I’m doing.

and as of now, I hear no booing.

I close my eyes, meet Princess Crocodile,

’cause I dance with classy sass and style.

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