A Series of Unwitting Conspirators: Chapter one

Chapter one

Late Night Phantoms

Ashley’s phone rang out from the nightstand. Who could possibly be calling at two in the morning on a Tuesday night? She pulled her covers further over her face there was nothing more important than beauty sleep right now. 

The screen lit up as the ringing began again.

“Uh, Seriously?” Ashley’s voice cracked as she reluctantly flung a slender arm from beneath the warmth of her comforter, rebelling against the urge to let it go to voicemail for a third time without checking to see who had called.

She squinted into the brilliant screen.


Ashley’s eyes widened with surprise, it had been at least a year since she’d gotten a late night slop call from her best friend of sixteen years. Her eyes returned to a grumpy frown as a familiar feeling washed over her.

“Uuuuuh,” She groaned and rolled her eyes, “No, you don’t get to call me out of the blue, at TWO in the morning! Not today! So Selfish!” 

She can wait until tomorrow, AFTER my BAR… 

Ashley tapped the ignore button and promptly switched it to silent mode before rolling back into the comfort of her blanket. wrapping herself in a bundle of mixed feelings, tomorrow was too big a day, not that Callie would know it… She’d been MIA for the last three months, not a single phone call, not a single meaningful text.

Of course, Callie wouldn’t have remembered until the last minute that tomorrow was the most meaningful moment in the history of her education. Ashley dozed to the thought of how different the two of them had turned out, after everything they’d been through she’d thought they would always be together.

If she would have known it would be the last opportunity to talk to her best friend she may have handled the situation differently, maybe even saved her life. But whoever knows those things, to Ashley it had been another late night drunken sobby phone call where Bree told her how much she missed her, followed by another few months of radio silence.

She fell asleep as her phone lit up to signal a new urgent voicemail.






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