Quick and Easy Beauty Hacks

https://youtu.be/fmB95Bu-D3Q   These videos are so cool and helpful for the average American we don't get paid to look our best, we do it because it makes us feel good and more in line with the beauty we seek out in life. This is such a cool process because everyone forms their own way of … Continue reading Quick and Easy Beauty Hacks


My Sister’s Keeper

I just finished writing my first novel, (thank you, thank you, hold the applause please 🙂 through out the process I realized two things, one there is beauty in everything and stories are composed of the little daily details that add up into one ironic or paradigm shifting moments that are worth telling to other … Continue reading My Sister’s Keeper

Flu Season Quick Fix

Listen up! Please click on this adorable ogre of a cat for the link to Dr. Steven Gundry's Diagram, ... Or scroll down for a quick synopsis ❤ Today I opened Facebook to find a post my mother had recently shared about staying healthy during flu season. It is upon us.  Much like the average … Continue reading Flu Season Quick Fix


  It would be crazy for me to run down the street yelling about conversion to fitness. Right? Unlike the brave, door knocking Religious peddlers I have enjoyed in the past, I cringe at the idea of walking up to someone who "looks sad" and preaching on about the benefits of starting a journal. After … Continue reading WELCOME HOME BEAUTIFUL!