I See You

  Sometimes it begins with a picture, sometimes with a single sound, and then before you know it, you are out adventure bound, the structure of life was never meant to be rigid, buying into the cold cut American┬ádream just seems frigid, peddling slices of humanity one piece at a time, selling the lot for … Continue reading I See You


Fernweh, Here I Am

  What a powerful statement what a way to start, ripping that sentiment from the heart, words full of passion and all that I am, at this very moment, nothing else should matter than┬áthe fact that I am here, Here I Am, I will go where the wind takes me and listen to my whims, … Continue reading Fernweh, Here I Am

Lesson One: You Are What You Eat

Indulge Beautifully On Your Words You've had a long day, you've listened, you've done your duties and now you want to kick back and take some time for a little thing called 'Your Self'... Yes, it's a real thing and because you are awesome you've given so much of your day to people you care … Continue reading Lesson One: You Are What You Eat