Somewhere, Over the Rainbow…

little lemmings falling hard, little lemmings lose their guard, Little lemmings make a line, To the ledge where death will dine.   and for some reason, we're still shocked, when backlash follows the ones we've mocked. When logic comes in loaded and locked, Words are weapons when we abused them, it's our duty to carefully … Continue reading Somewhere, Over the Rainbow…


A Joyful Short: Fairy Diaries (Ep. 5)

I left the treeline behind me, the small forest waved goodbye in my wake. I could almost hear the branches swaying after me, asking me to return again soon. The trees loved my company. I knew because my excitement to see them drew me in often.  By the time I was leaving, I'd already have … Continue reading A Joyful Short: Fairy Diaries (Ep. 5)

A Joyful Short: Fairy Diaries (Episode 3)

Episode 3: Remember the Mission I'd already slid from my seat as the final bell rang. I could hear it coming from a mile and thirty minutes away. The countdown had officially begun halfway into Miss Holloway's stuffy lecture on 'Pride and Prejudice.' That was about the time I started convincing myself that being around … Continue reading A Joyful Short: Fairy Diaries (Episode 3)