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5 MINUTE ABS   XHIT Daily is a fantastic resource for quick fitness breaks throughout the day. If you are like me and don't always have time for a 2-hour gym trip all at once, taking your workout in doses is a great way to boost your energy. I just tried this one and love it! I hope … Continue reading 5 MINUTE ABS


The Meaning- Jim Carrey   Jim Carrey... not only is he one of the most entertaining funny men of our day, he is incredibly inspiring. This particular video has not only brought me to tears more than a few times, but it's taken me off of the ropes on some of my worst days. Now, I am sharing it … Continue reading The Meaning- Jim Carrey

30 Healthy Habit Hacks: Rachel Aust   Each of the Vloggers I have recommended has so much to offer if you enjoy this video be sure to check out the channel as well. In this quick video, Rachel Aust highlights health hacks that have aided her in her journey to wellness. As you can see, the proof is in the pudding. … Continue reading 30 Healthy Habit Hacks: Rachel Aust

6 Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life: Kalyn Nicholson I love this girl! Kalyn Nicholson is a big (little) ball of realistic positivity and a wealth of knowledge. The six steps she offers are all a part of my own daily routine (meal prep excluded. Though I have benefited from that step in the past, it is not a part of my current routine.) … Continue reading 6 Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life: Kalyn Nicholson

Lydia Elise Millen: POSITIVE MINDSETS Okay, so take this video with a grain of salt if you like, but I love Lydia Millan's attitude and honesty. I have the link starting after the intro but feel free to go back and watch it also. She has quite a few other inspiring messages riddled in beauty/fashion tutorials but this one, … Continue reading Lydia Elise Millen: POSITIVE MINDSETS


  I hope you brought you headphones to work for this one! (Good luck not hitting the replay button on any one of these!) Feel free to add your own favorite for others to check out in the comments! I am always looking for updates myself! Happy trails! Number 10. All American Rejects- Thnks Fr … Continue reading TOP 10 SONGS ON MY RUN LIST

Meet Your Trainer!

At close to 9 lbs I came kicking and screaming into the world with not one, but two sets of the chubbiest cheeks you've ever seen. One of them went away with time while the other plagued every family, school, or friend group picture I ever took. Up until a certain age that trait is … Continue reading Meet Your Trainer!


  It would be crazy for me to run down the street yelling about conversion to fitness. Right? Unlike the brave, door knocking Religious peddlers I have enjoyed in the past, I cringe at the idea of walking up to someone who "looks sad" and preaching on about the benefits of starting a journal. After … Continue reading WELCOME HOME BEAUTIFUL!