Early Afternoon, Last Day…   The final bell rang out releasing me from one of many stifling classrooms I’ll never again step foot in.   Today was suppose to be a jubilation of newfound freedom, the celebration of a world without structure… and all I could do was imagine how furious Maddie would be when … Continue reading Prelude:


Adjacent Titles: Chapter One

The View Imagine looking down from the mountain side after pulling off the winding road for a moments peace. A moment unhindered by the heat blistering through the slitted vents at either side of your head. The same heat that's given you the strength and clarity to drive almost an hour just before dawn, to … Continue reading Adjacent Titles: Chapter One

A Series of Unwitting Conspirators: Chapter 5

Chapter 5 "Friends"  "There she is!" A chorus of hoots and hollers followed Minnie's announcement as Ashley maneuvered through the crowded bar toward their high top table. "Here I am!" Ashley lifted her hands into the air and sashayed the final few feet, closing the gap in style. Minnie flung out an arm squeezing her … Continue reading A Series of Unwitting Conspirators: Chapter 5