The Joys of Writing: The influence of Personal Heroes, Humble Beginnings, and Gratitude on the Depressed Brain… PART 1

Hello Fellow Readers!

On my journey toward uncovering my writer’s voice, I’ve found myself in the dungeons of self-pity more often than I’d like to admit.

The ‘woe is me’ lamentations of others echoing more clearly around me. In my weakened state, society’s ‘anything goes’ environment seems way too happy to back me up. Doing their best to come up with excuses and labels to suit my bad attitudes and behaviors… in case I choose to stick to, rather than lose them…

Thanks in part to being raised to always seek better from myself before anyone else, my tantrums and self-pity charades don’t seem to last, thank goodness. Before long what began as an easy road of finger pointing turns into a never-ending journey leading to nothing but an ugly self-loathing that loves to be seen painted across absolutely everything.

The funny truth about easier routes, is that they have a way of wearing you down, and emptying you out, only to fill in the spaces with self-doubt.

Devoid of steam it’s as easy to sink into the illusion of broken dreams, as it is hard to choose to rise above that noise! To get back up and rush back to the spontaneous cycle of self-exploration is a leap of faith so true.

To stand and face the fear of disappointment and failure is what the hero’s journey is all about!

Just a thought ❤

I’d love to hear what your experiences are on the topic or simply what you think!



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