The Joys of Writing: There’s No Place Like Home

Heroes and villains alike can never seem to get back to it fast enough. Be it a lair or a castle. Or a cabin in the mountains away from the world while submerging themselves fully into the true nature of it. Be it to celebrate, mourn, or lick their various wounds, seen and unseen, visible and invisible… bruised egos often take longer to mend than those rendered to the skin, in my humble opinion.

An appreciation begins to form in the absence of its safety. You can feel it growing in the character as the distance goes. A remembrance as if seeing what was once mundane through a rosy lens. A distance of any kind from the things that pull at our, I mean, the characters hearts ❤ often separates minor annoyances from the golden opportunities and beautiful shiny pennies that have remained the same through a thousand changes occurring for the main character whose set off for their journey. Whatever it may be, from a lesson in integrity to a gritty, passionate death scene, make sure they think of home fondly.

In all of my research, the most heartfelt connections in stories have been formed through a heroes thirst for their roots at a time when the masses need to know what to do in order to grow, a good character should step from the shadows as shining examples for others in a time of need.

The hero who understands themselves down to their seed, extend into a burly tree and bear the most fruit. The greatest heroes accept the burdens of all that they can be. Accepting the package they’ve been given slowly if they ever hope to see reality realistically. One devoid of idle emotions used as a method to blend with the version of chaos that they’ve been surrounded with.

The Hero must have some conviction, hear voices that take him away from his comfort zones. All the while reserving vivid reminders of a place so close to his heart, even in its absence it’s considered to be home.

Something they stand to protect or leave behind in order to drive invasive ‘evil’ forces away from those they know and love. They must rise above idle opinions to extend a hand or project a vision of a better place from some platform they find during their searches. Be it music, mutiny, relationships that bear children… versions that encapsulate and inspire many, because everyone can see their humanity and strive for their better traits more realistically. For example, as a writer I can use my tools to craft a story so absorbing it takes it’s readers away for a short time, relieving them of their duty of being to experience a motivating example of doing or seeing. Bringing a different version to meet them where ever they find time to read.


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