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NOTE TO SELF: Never stop playing with yourself, gender, politics, noisy newscasts, never satisfied masses, devastating crashes…. social isn't the spectrum to spend your life second guessing. Somethings are concrete, God given, and as solid as the science behind them. I've fallen in love with men and women alike, doesn't make me a dike, or a lesbian but merely a human. Embrace the hungry, and remember celibacy of any kind is a choice that comes at a cost but believe me the build up ignites something intimate inside, like psychedelics, its healing isn't for every body, but somewhere in the aftermath lies a super power that allows it's wielder to see souls at face value and passion in leaves and pedals. Don't take disagreements personally, but as a cue to listen rather than talk, you'll be shocked by the subtle wisdom hidden beneath. Learn to love by practice, can't chose one facet and then hit repeat when it pleases the masses, that's a crass misuse of the concept, point in case: if you seek mastery don't chose the easy ways. Instead, try truly listen to each character presented to you as if it is the last you will see of them before the hat tips, moving the social flow always forward. My closest friends know my dark insides and love the humor and stories I drag from it when I'm spiritually high on better thoughts and big dreams, together we get caught up in the sweeter things, avoiding marionette strings. The ones who stay by my side are heading somewhere too. Live to love and have little patience for less than, be kind but move past, Don't be dammed by sticks and stones. Refuse to bear the weight of a rough life, gain the humility wrapped within instead, get it through your head throughout resistance you would be dead…. Bearied in the pain is the strength to soldier on, in developing a relationship within me, I've begun to grow into my load bearing shoulders. #art #music #freestyle #freespirit #instamood #love #writer #writing #instagood #bestoftheday #picoftheday #night #lonely #heart #act #fallweather #fall #instafall #beautiful #instahub #happy #like #followme #musicians #inspiration #quotes #fitmind #boxing #fitness #nature

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