Asking for a Friend

Toes brush over the pavement as she pushes away from the ground,

swinging herself in a rocker, thinking of ways to fall down.


Chains creak along in time with spring morning sounds,

The quiet outside is deceiving, happy birds almost go missed,

She wipes away tears over tethered wrists,

another’s secrets clenched inside, hidden in white-knuckled fists.

Someone so precious and tender, since before birth his impression left a mark,

It’s insane to see how much can change the difference more than stark.

A little boy with scared eyes hollowed out by other’s lies.

A grown man who needs a hand and as much love as can be spared.

Surrounded by wolves when he needed someone to care.

A lilac breeze swims in around yet all she can fathom is the chasm between them.


How could something so sweet, end in such bitter aftertaste?

Who could take something so beautiful, only to gut it and leave to waste?

Why would God let him fall to his knees with nothing but a broken net too protect?

What things has he seen that he can’t forget?


A beautiful beast with a terrified heart, terrorizing an entire house.

A battle much too big, for even a bold heart.

“What can be said to soothe a tormented soul blinded by a lie?”

She whispers seeking a role from the aging blue sky.


Glorious sunbeams warm from above,

hinting to light the way with love,

but the waves rise up as reality sinks in,

driving her to dampened conclusions within,

that life and happiness really are an illusion,

try though you might the fight can lead to delusion,

toss you through white caps drown and then break you.


The words never stop but their meaning is missing,

Intentions resist an action true kissing,

drive in deeper breaking the bend.

I have to know, will the wounds mend?



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