I’ve learned so much from different characters at every point in my life.

At times of strenuous loneliness, and moments embodied in strife.

Someone would swoop into my mind and decide it was time to take the reigns,

These characters got me through the growing pains.

Now, there were times that I didn’t trust them,

I tried to bind their hands and bust them,

because deep inside I didn’t want to admit,

that there was a moment in life I couldn’t handle it…

And so they found me from the outside,

out in the world where I couldn’t run and hide.

I wasn’t dreaming this time my eyes open wide.


I swear I’ve met you before…

Words expressing my wish to know more,

through your eyes, I’d like to explore,

A whisper on the wind a soft knock at the door.

A smiling invitation to love and more,

An empty swing set in an abandoned park.

Wooden heart beneath the nest of a lark,

where star-crossed lovers leave their mark,

tattooed deep into the tree bark.


We’re all just kids trying to leave our legacy,

Someday you’ll know how much you mean to me…


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