Silhouettes and Stand Stills



Why be offended, over sticks and stones?

Who cares, if they’ve broken your bones?

Their hollow words won’t break your spirit.

Because of what you know they can’t get near it

There’s a secret strength to be found in pain.


For those brave enough to embrace it,

with big enough hearts that they’d rather turn to face it.


Beauty comes with growing pains,

before it sprouts it rains and it rains.

Its roots can’t reach if we stay on the surface.

So the beating drives the seeds in deeper,

To await the day they will meet with the reaper.

The one who will choose if I am a keeper,

down to one question:

do we love or do we leave her?


Twiddling thumbs pretending not to be nervous.

Understanding won’t force its hand or claim to deserve this,

It’s patient enough to never demand.

It gives us the time we need to expand.


Those who choose hate or would rather begrudge,

they mirror themselves when they choose to judge,

they attack because they lack what you love,

maybe they’ve never been near it,

instead of opening up, they misjudge and fear it.

There is insecurity in their undertone if you care to hear it.


That’s the system I won’t abide by,

I’ve done my best to try to comply,

But I’ve given away petals of my innocence.

I’ve looked overviews from the top of the fence.

I’ve tried my hand at narratives to explain my supposed concent.

I’ve battled the shame as I took my decent.

Ever since I’ve been hellbent.



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