My heart is heavy,

if it didn’t run channels through my body like spaghetti,

I’d have thrown it out already.

It’s done nothing but hurt me,

a pain that’s still burning.


A deep turning in  the pit of my belly,

reminds me I’d still learning…


How greedy I’ve been for the destruction I cause,

I don’t feel the need to abide by laws.

I’ve seen infallibility through the concepts they’re selling.

I can’t find their arguments compelling.



Murder is wrong, except when we do it,

Don’t smoke a bong, unless it’s through us,

If I do something stupid I can still sue for it,

I can blame them if all else fails,

Sit on the secret until I run out of nails.

In the light of their sin, my judgment pales.

It’s they who really blew it,

He did this to me all the while in denial and she knew it!


A long list of grievances and we’re about to renew it.


There are criminals, in the front pews of your church,


A million perps displayed on a map after a google search,

A little bit of monster in each of us lurks,

We’re all looking for someone to blame,

An obstacle too large to bypass,

Big enough to steal our claim to fame.



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