Come to Me Again…


It started the moment they told me,

they could fix and reform me,

left to my own devices,

I would be my own worst enemy,


That my differences would eventually end me.

That my awkward life would ultimately bend me.

I believed them, I didn’t even try to reprieve them.

Which led to years of public shaping,

In the form of peer shaming.


I found refuge in my books, I’d soak them up in quiet nooks.

While avoiding judgments and snarky looks.

These authors words gave back what others only took.

The magic and the energy, the characters would play with me.

Show me the hero that I would soon be.


I found sanctuary in the tattoo

blame teens for broken dreams,

a string of words that I find rings true,

a little morbid and a bit taboo…

But then, I didn’t get it for you.


It’s a reminder that I’m searching for a girl,

and I am going to find her.

and when I do I will remind her.

She’s the hero from the books I read,

the one who listened and heard what they said.

She watched as the world made her bed.

I’m filling in pieces I pretended to lack,

I will love that girl until she comes back.


Together we’ll redefine my best years as any that I’ve been given,

in the moment I currently find myself in.

It’s beautiful before it succumbs to oblivion.

letting me go to continue to live in.

The present gift I’ve been given.



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