Joyful Short: Fairy Diaries (Episode 4)

“Trust in Mother Beck, you will know when you see it if you trust yourself.”

I sat on the abandoned wood and rope swing tied in the center of my Sanctuary. I kicked my foot against the only patch of powdery dirt in the flourishing grass filled fairy circle I’d marked off. When humans saw this place from the outside, no matter how beautiful the day, or how warm the wealth, it always extended a feeling they interpreted as Melancholy. 


It seemed to say… ‘go ahead and stay out, for your own good,” 

And so far, people seemed to listen.

 It felt like a dank dark alley upon approach and only faded into its truly wondrous ‘place of peace’ essence after reaching the treeline. It reminded me of Home.

I traced my foot around the powered dirt and smiled. I swung here so often the grass at this point had been lovingly trampled into soft dust. It had given itself for my salvation, my peace of mind. 

Maximus had been right, I was realizing that now.  I am here investigating this realm on behalf of humans and have been since the moment I chose to accept his secret for my own.

The point my toes traced in the dirt sprouted with small Daisies and whispy, white Babies Breath. I felt the nerves leaving my body as I release the tension of the day in a swift kick of that sent me swooshing into the air. I imagined my wings pushing me further toward the canopy of lush green above me and soaked in the sun shadows escaping through them to kiss my face.

It was moments like this that had taught me to be grateful for my banishment.

Whoooosh! The swing fell back toward earth as I closed my eyes and embraced the butterflies welling in the pit of my stomach. 

I couldn’t have held my secret as easily if I’d been forced to stay around them and listen to all of their pretend stories, that I knew better than to believe. Because of my secret, it would have been hard not to feel as though they were all lying to me, rather than simply humoring themselves.

I had learned to appreciate these humans, they were less refined, and drawn to things that made no sense at all. But despite their many lacking characters the redeeming features were so simple in design yet beautiful, it was impossible for that appreciation not to grow into love.

With love, came understanding and acceptance. The longer I stuck with them the more I began expecting more of them because I saw their potential, the same way I saw mine. I needed them to be strong and resolute in order to stay strong and resolute. There was comfort in knowing, that they too felt as I felt.

My kind would blindly follow the light. Seeing everything in its more hopeful tones, but humans seemed to carry the darkness I’d inherited, inherently within themselves. Regardless of the outcome, each of them felt they were playing the heroes in their stories. There was a depth that could turn so ugly, so wild, so foreign to their better nature it threatened to fall off the spectrum completely.

It is for these lighter traits that I will fight their case to the bitter end. I will protect them like I protect my secret until no further proof of goodness occurs. I will fight to gather every detail, every thread of hope they offer me in their defense. I understand how they feel.

Funny how the worst things can lead to things exceeding all expectations. Rocky paths are only the very beginnings of something much more beautiful than we expected.

Turns out, that was my special superpower, understanding the plight of human emotions. Because I still exist, the need for the gift is still relevant which means humans are still relevant. Among the Guardians and us fair folk the only infallible thing is our mother, she speaks through nature, and she doesn’t make mistakes.

I open my eyes to the soft summer canopy of leaves above me and smile. I breathed in gratefully the breeze carrying in the city sounds around me. Metal birds flew in around me, just out of reach beyond the small pocket of nature I’d preserved as my own.

No one knew my sanctuary existed, little fountain and all. I’d disguised it as an abandoned park long ago and no one seemed to have time for it. All but invisible, it was where I gained clarity.

I had never noticed the name Maximus had called me by. Not until this moment.

He had called me Beck… Maybe not every time I thought back on it… But this time he had definitely called me in short tense, by a more playfully meant form of my name… Only one other person had ever called me by that name. 

I had to talk to Bay again… I smiled…

“Trust your intuition Beck.” My Guardians’ voice echoed reassuringly.

She would be my key… I didn’t know where too yet, but the next level was my best guess. I rose from my resting place.

I threw on my headphones, dancing in a circle before rushing from my personal Eden.

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