Ode to 2017

Anything I say will come out as a judgement,

A knee jerk reaction leaves me hellbent,

on a direction I would never go to alone.

I won’t say a word that doesn’t mean I condone,

I am looking past it at the things I’d rather do.

than sit here and argue until my face turns blue,

I see eye to eye with those less offended than you.

Excuse me if it doesn’t seem like I care,

Excuse me, I didn’t realize life was suppose to be fair.

I care enough to let go and embrace my own skin,

the one I’ve learned to love, the same mold I was born in.

The one that knew enough to un-ball its fist,

and start writing a universal wish list.

Instead of demanding freebe’s

Man, I miss the nineties…

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