A Series of Unwitting Conspirators: Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Tonight is About Me, Not You

Ashley trotted to the bathroom for a third time to make sure she’d turned off her straightener. The last thing she needed to start her non-student life, was a burnt down apartment. Her first student loan bill would be knocking down her door soon enough and that would blow enough of the small wad she’d saved during her schooling. Until she’d found a proper firm to sign on with she’d be living frugally.

She pulled her cell phone from her peacoat pocket with one hand, as she turned her head to the side, and pinched her cheeks slightly to add a bit of color with the other.

After deciding it would have to be good enough she glanced at the lit up screen. 9:15 PM. She pulled up her text conversation with Minnie and rapidly typed out On My Way! Before shutting off the bathroom light and allowing her phone screen to illuminate the hall toward the door.

Tonight is about you, she told herself, sticking her key into the deadbolt lock and twisting until a metallic shift sounded. She will call you if she needs you.

But Bree didn’t need her, not really. She had always been the independent type, always great, always strong, always having the best time of her life.

Her phone sounded as she took the stairs two at a time.

It was Minnie.

“Sounds Great, I’m saving you a spot and a shot!”

Ashley smiled and slung a sounds great, see you in ten.


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