Flu Season Quick Fix

Listen up!

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Today I opened Facebook to find a post my mother had recently shared about staying healthy during flu season. It is upon us. 

Much like the average bear, I use my brain for literally everything I do. I try to stay away from imagining what being sick would do to my ability to compose words properly. So I will take any precautionary tip gratefully and with a grain of hope rather than skepticism.

Along with a rigid Vitamin C regiment, daily exercise and meditation for at least five small minutes each morning, I have maintained my health streak and improved my state of mind with these life hacks daily. I’ve learned to take my mothers advice seriously because much of my life has revolved around trying to prove her theories wrong, only to come out giving life a good laugh.

Girl drinking hot tea and reading book in bed

Health is the most beautiful gift, it’s easy to take constant health for granted until the discomfort associated with a lack comes knocking. In this case, Dr. Steven Grundy’s article offers an instantaneous trigger-point called the Thymus Thump, an easy self administered 30 second practice to increase the bodies immunity and resistance by stimulating that particulate gland.

How cool!

After reading the good doctors article, I remembered going to chiropractors as a child for scoliosis. The one I saw often used pressure points to find tense areas and trauma points in my body. It was incredible. Which got me thinking, How much more is out there?

I started researching and the outcome has me so excited!

The internet is a wealth of knowledge, there are videos, pictures, tutorials… you name it and there are probably thousands of unique perspectives and creative resources on it, including clinical research at your finger tips.

Yours could be next! 

Each of us response to stimulation (input) differently. How we react (output) shows others all they need to know about their connection to us on matters.

For example Some people love hugs, some people can’t stomach the idea of them, at the root of all human health intimacy and  closeness are fundamental and they start with ourselves. I have been poking and prodding these pressure points since my interest in them was peeked. The idea that I could spend the rest of my life pursuing the topic and only just touch on the surface is remarkable.

So I will take it one day at a time and only digest as much as I feel inclined to each day, saver the flavor of new information. If I try something and it doesn’t seem work right away, I’ve found that’s on me, attitude and willingness to feel better have a lot to do with hour our body reacts to whatever ails us.

The best part about the recipes and pressure or ‘thumping’ points listed above? They are fun and easy to commit to for anyone curious enough to try them with a seed of enthusiasm and faith. ❤

Best until next time!



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