Half-lit Cigarettes

Bad for each other like half lit cigarettes,

half way toxic but we teeter on the edge,

not quite committed enough to death,

just bad enough to weaken your will,

I’ll keep you asleep like a sleeping pill.

Living life like a wedge, standing between each other and greatness,

you are a genius and I am a creative intellect,

both unique enough to notice one another,

but we speak different dialects,

I listen to the images you spin,

I fall for your heart, I’m giving in,

and all I can do is hope you will win,

I see the doubt behind your eyes,

and part of me dies,

part of me’s dying…

When you talk about your dreams I feel like your lying.

For some reason, I can’t convince you of your abilities,

you have to believe in yourself before you can believe in me,

You don’t know how much we deserve this,

The idea of greatness makes you nervous,

I only know because I’m in the same room,

we stepped into these shoes together,

I didn’t dream this, so someones been dreaming harder,

pushing my story through the grinder,

our love is a constant reminder,

that we are settling in and coming down from our high,

youth will be gone in the blink of an eye,

so we can blame one another for the secrets we never uncover.

you and me, we are mediocre,

you and me we are mediocre,

I won’t let you settle for me  I am not one to be settled for,

because I love you enough to leave,

this is the end of the two of us,

you have done so much and it should have been worth more,

but your greatness won’t come easily,

you and me, we deserve so much more,

but it’s hard to walk out the door,

I don’t want to leave, you have to open it for me.

I look in a mirror and this is what I see,

I am only half of me.

Toxic like a half-lit cigarette…

This is what I see.

You’re my sleeping pill.

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