Caught in the Crossfire


I had a question that went unanswered for too many years to count.

I hadn’t paid it much mind and I think that’s why it lashed out.

I can only speak for myself so I take it to the water,

and I toss it around with no real results, why bother,

It’s just an opinion you see.

but thanks for taking the time to get mad at me.

In debate back in high school that meant I was doing something right

And since our current mentality never seems to have left that social stage,

I will take your rage as an unwitting compliment,

In my defense, I meant no offense,

I have to question the motive when opposition is shut out without a defense,


Why should I pay for a crime that I never committed?

An offense that landed you in the spot you are in,

I know when I am at my worst I don’t want to hear out of fear,

That may be another truth will outweigh my own grain.

but this way of thinking is driven by the Insane.

It drives us all in one direction,

anger and hate, it’s not a debate it’s a discussion,

Taking over like a social infection, full of social repercussion,

who needs a government when you have social drones,

the pseudo-justice, the have-nots and you musts,

this tactic is a total bust we are barely breaking the crust.

I would like to stand for the position that there is so much more to us.

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