I’ve Loved You Since the Day I Met You

0d50fd09b434b2df490be6daf8c7982f--beautiful-words-in-english-most-beautiful-wordsGet it! I am on my way,

while you whisper of a different play,

you make me nervous on purpose,

while feeding me lies,

I’m leaving behind me a thousand failed tries.

There are some days that I’ve felt so lost,

sought out mindless self-indulgence regardless of the cost,

but I can’t stay lean if I place my order on an endless supersize.

and if I let go of my dreams a part of me dies.

Do you see the catch22 as I do?

I guess I’m not willing to compromise…


The garbage I put in you see,

Marks the level of worth that I feel for me.

So, my dear society?

To your unkind nature, I’ve turned my back, as I kick you away in a potato sack.

And with you goes the entire mess, No more hatred, no more fear,

As I blow a kiss from the pier, I’m looking out for me my dear.


When I take care of my own business, it’s not up to you,

and I think we crave a little more truth.

It isn’t your choice what I do or say,

It isn’t your choice how I spend my days,

We all chose our paths in a million ways.

I am standing for me and my individuality, anything less is simply a label.

When I look to you in search of an elusive self, we create a feeble fable.


So show me a shared reality worth basing my life upon.

Until then I am digging between us a moat, reinforcing a more positive mindset.

You can cast your votes all day long, but the outcome won’t prove me wrong.


Just another thing to keep your contents from a fuller potential out of fear,

at least that’s the way it looks from here.


You put red tape over your mouth to ensure the rest will do the same,

while placing the blame in safe, superficial factions.

It’s selfish to pretend to be selfless when every action holds only a fraction,

of the passion, you could mustar out in the field.


You won’t find answers in your books,

only the view of a visionary or a crook,

someone who saw something they found fascinating or scary,

enough that it drove them to a script.

I only know ’cause I’ve written my own, but I won’t spend my life trying to define a single fear.


Experts… anyone willing to stake that claim knows nothing of Life’s true secrets.

So ready to pipe their findings to those who can’t be trusted with their depth,

taking something truly priceless and defining it, while redlining it…

I find it hard to believe life would be so careless with its investments.

Leaving exposed regrets through trusting its name to an irresponsible few.


Dear society, in the beginning,  you borrowed me from the one I love the most,

offering me a shell instead, to be filled with the garbage you forcefully fed.

from the get-go in your various underhanded ways,

you told me the first wasn’t good enough and now your opinion is toast.

Because of your boast, it’s been a pleasure to roast the facade, over the last twenty-eight years.

you’ve unwittingly labeled your own hypocrisy.

I won’t let your ‘truth’ make a fool out of me.


I found the beautiful spark that went amiss,

the moment I left it with a betraying kiss.

I won’t let you guide my steps anymore,

that is what my heart is for.

I’ve loved that girl since the moment I met her essence.

Her effervescence rests safely in my loving mindset.

without you, we are luminescence.