I See You



Sometimes it begins with a picture, sometimes with a single sound,

and then before you know it, you are out adventure bound,

the structure of life was never meant to be rigid,

buying into the cold cut American dream just seems frigid,

peddling slices of humanity one piece at a time,

selling the lot for such a frivolous dime…

When it’s worth oh so much more…

I wish to wash you a different way,

one that gives you hope every day,

A lasting happiness who promises to stay as long as you’re true to yourself.

This way is one of wisdom, formed by falling flat on your face,

and even though it may hurt at once, it will pay in a million ways.

Time for money, time for money, they cried as if to be funny.

For one is priceless in value while the other has none,

we have been outdone by a joker, with his hands on a hot poker.

and he prods and he prods until his dream, at last, formulates,

Bearing down like paperweights, the sweat off another’s back under someone else’s surmounting guilt.

Off the back of another is how societies built, easier to swing when it’s not your hand on the hilt.

And when each soldier falls down,

a million more minions clammer to wear his crown for a fee.

To take his place and to prove they can juggle from their knees.

They’ll do anything for recognition, anything to please.

Give each his time and he too will wilt, it’s impossible to overcome obstacles, in pursuit of what isn’t for you.

With open hands they take the bait, yammering and clamoring for the fallen saucers.



Single-handedly stifling millions within their delusion suppressing a generation of Chaucers.

So please go your own way, say what you wish to say,

know that each word paints a piece of your picture,

I don’t figure you’d wish for anyone to tell you what you tell yourself,

talk your expectations away from the shelf and use them as tools to bring it to fruition,

the passion to fuel your life’s mission.

Your way is the only way for you.


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