Fernweh, Here I Am


What a powerful statement what a way to start,

ripping that sentiment from the heart,

words full of passion and all that I am,

at this very moment, nothing else should matter than the fact that I am here,

Here I Am,

I will go where the wind takes me and listen to my whims,

because I know they are my inner child spilling over at the point where my consciousness brims.

Reminding me that it’s time to play, I don’t have to mope or work all day,

I am swimming in a sea of things to do, and it’s always up to me to choose,

Will I sit around waiting for my 9-5 life or with I throw caution to the wind as well?

How much of my free time am I willing to sell?

And what am I willing to pay for my name with?

How far will I be willing to sail?

I am aware that I’m riding life’s coat tail and I’d rather It know that I am here to play,

I have to reach his ear first which requires a bit of work, where I will perch on his shoulder and whisper for him to hear,

I am here to stay, please play with me!



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