Give Me Coffee…

… Or This Means War… A Bitter Battle With Winter


As told before coffee…

It’s so stupid cold outside I would rather stay within these walls and hide, curled up in my blankets with a steaming mug of joy. I take in its phantom aromas still weighed down in darkness wrapped in the confines of my bed. I can’t stay here it won’t make itself and without it, my line’s on red.

Bah humbug, I am just glad my floors are decent enough to wear a rug, the snooze is released and the alarm sounds again, that’s it! I must! I jump from the warmth of the den.

In the Winter time, it best behooves not to amuse the muse of the snooze to sleep in is to hibernate and no one has time for that. Up before the sun, hit the stairs at a run, only to trip over the dark and land on mine bun.


Just when I start to think I know every step I stumble and reel, another reason to moan and grumble, mumble those words which have no real reason, at all like any season rising after the end of Fall. If you’re up before the coffee’s brewed you understand how I feel. At this moment Winter leaves little to season with but drear for real.

In the winter time, it’s not always easy to deal, sometimes I would rather dream all day. About the sunshine and the crazy days that have been instead of shifting my perspective to the waves in the snow banks just waiting for footsteps to bring them to life.

In the winter time, it’s not always easy to take a short cold shower, even if it means I alert my powers a powerful message its bound to send through. Tell that to my screaming nerves in the moment, I just have to remind myself some pain is needed in order to mend through.

Yeah right! Why would I do that? When I could wake to the steaming comfort of a hot shower washing away all the sweet and sour built up through my dreams.

Drying out my skin and leaving my pores open to defend against… whatever.

AS Told With Coffee in Hand…

In the winter time, I need to remind myself to shift my gears in a different way, instead of taking my time and lazing around I can use the winter daze to meditate, the dreamy state is where I can truly find me it seems.

The version without sleep in its eyes, she can’t wait to unearth and surprise. I refuse to let the gloom get to me, it’s easy to say through the boost offered by coffee. It all comes down to what I want to be.

Does it out weight the desire to stay in the comfort of my blankets?

Five seconds under cold water a piece of me swearing like a sailor as the tiny freezing bullets beat against my back, I start freaking out, spinning in hectic circles like a crack-laced butterfly. Counting down to zero frantic, and then its deliciously done, I’ve successfully won!

First little victory of the day, it’s the little things that really pay.

Sometimes I wonder why I do it to my self, but then I realize I’m looking toward the top shelf I am building toward abundance and it doesn’t come with the easy way. It comes in what you give away, by making the hard way the only way you ever see and starting to enjoy its clarity.

The crystal clear that comes with the shock of the cold, how bold the warmth of coffee tastes in its wake, giving me a mental break. To fall in love with the version I see in highlights and bold, what I am seeing is better than gold, it all begins with the story I told, myself in the morning, peace and self-love instead of worry or mourning. I am allowing the warmth to take root as I realize someday what I see I will be and I will be that version of me.


❤ Enjoy Being Beautiful Today! ❤



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