Lesson One: You Are What You Eat

Indulge Beautifully On Your Words

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You’ve had a long day, you’ve listened, you’ve done your duties and now you want to kick back and take some time for a little thing called ‘Your Self’…

Yes, it’s a real thing and because you are awesome you’ve given so much of your day to people you care about. Who cares if it’s Shellfish, sometimes you just need to clammit up and take a moment and politely remind it who it presently belongs to. You have done your part.

All Puns Aside,

You do everything you do because some piece of you felt it was necessary at the time. That should leave you feeling no regret.

The moments you are about to take for this guided reading are for you, they should be experienced guilt free or not at all. You owe it to yourself to take the same amount of care you give to everyone in your life and return it to yourself.

Think of it this way, would you look at everyone else’s kids with favor and praise and only finds areas of improvement and failure with your own?

Or would you strive to be proud of the steps they take in life? Big, small, forward-backward, side to side, each shows their willingness to testing boundaries and take risks.

They need your guidance, not your bloody sleepless tears and every waking moment!

The first example is how so many of us treat ourselves. We are all the redheaded stepchild in our own eyes because deep down we understand that we have not been placed here to love anyone but ourselves, and we are not doing a good job of it. Which shows in our united conduct toward one another.

You being here is a step toward finding that peace within yourself. This is good too! Some of us need a boost, we need to see sparks of that love through another’s eyes.

Others are looking for answers by selfishly inducing self-punishment by punishing the things we should be showing kindness too. Can we really expect to be kind to others, long-term, when we hold no kindness to ourselves?

That isn’t who you are, you should feel goodness over that.

These are good things to ask ourselves while meditating.


ONCE YOU FINISH, FOR BEST RESULTS sit in the picture you paint with the words you read. If you have Ideas for future guided relaxation readings please feel free to contact me I am grateful for your feedback.


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