When you sit down, cross your legs and pick a foot, you know your sore spots best, muscle them out, girl!

After this Paragraph, close your eyes, take some deep breaths and focus on rubbing your feet. They need your attention for a moment of blissful togetherness. This exercise is all about being playful so remember a time those wonderful feet took you places that amazed you. Take five minutes, or one, or two… Whatever you wish!


It wasn’t until I embraced my free time and allowed it to be what it was meant to be, that I started to understand what self care meant.

Free Time, time for me to do whatever it was I’d chosen to do to find my happy place. Take yourself for a run. Treat yourself to a coffee date, or a special lunch a la one.

Take a moment to think of one thing that you would like to see yourself doing JUST for you this week? Do you see it becoming a regular thing? A habit?

Take a few deep breaths before you continue to the guided relaxation. I want you to absorb the words, form your own pictures while you ingest them, and then sleep on them, let them take root and digest in your gentle sleep.


If you need a pick me up, listen to this while you read ❤



Melodies Melancholia

The Act Of Letting Go

People have always suggested that I was a certain way. I am the nicest, I am the most fun, I am so supportive. Whatever they are, I’ve gathered these items and turn them into an equation of my own self-worth.

When I am the nicest, when I am the most fun… my being so supportive?

It all equated to one thing. Approval equals Happiness. 

Over time, I found my happiness in other peoples happiness in myself. Rather than seeking it from within I lost control of it while searching everywhere else but the one place I needed to look.

I didn’t realize this when I was younger, but now I see it clearly.

Somewhere in that mess of trial and error, I learned to be beautiful on the outside because I felt I wasn’t so natural from within. While others saw my nicer, kinder, supportive traits. I saved the meanest, darkest, deepest ones all for myself. I turned these into monsters when they were made to turn into the strength I needed to gain ground.

I am here to change that process now.

By thinking about it, I am bringing it into my awareness where it stays silent and vengeful. a scared little child I’ve subjected to terrible things.

Starvation, reservation, vicious words, vindictive actions, guilt, blame for the actions of others, blame for my own actions, blame for not acting in a certain way, silent treatments and freezing cold fear. I found judgment of myself in everything around me rather than observations of the world around me. 

Find yourself bending down and picking up a rock. You feel the weight of it in your hand.

A thought suddenly comes to mind allowing you to release the rock easily.

It is easy to feel safe in a bubble, but I am an expert at myself at heart.

I am the only one who can ward off the attacks of strangers who haven’t and can’t possibly have wandered through my sneakers.

Once you let go of this burden you begin to realize something new. A new thought form filters in.

I once was lost, I tricked myself into playing a game, and soon the trick became a repetition a habitual nature being played against itself time and time again. I am designed for more.

Now that I see this perspective so clearly, I realize I am holding on to garbage. Why would I want to store these situations as the stories I will pass down from myself to those who look to me in learning the ways of the world?

Reflect on this image beautifully once it has been constructed in your imaginatio above or below, moving forward with a swiveling head, if I refuse to let go of that which doesn’t serve me, I will surely be drawn to other behaviors that lead me to others who don’t deserve me. Nor I them, we have no purpose but to torture one another until death, unless the pattern is revealed and we care enough to let go, and push them outward and away from my toes. A little bit of my light extends forward to guide me into the footprints of those who have come before me. They fit my feet so well, my throbbing toes finally let me go. Running barefoot into the Coliseum with small flowers weaved through waving strands. Watch your inner child extending her hand to her friend the lion.

Everyone in the stadium gasps at the scene they don’t know the war that each had seen. She the loss of love and heartbreak of the one she was given to play with at birth. The one that has shunned her for a moment too long.

She knows your journey has been long, and you’ve only been trying to protect her, but she is begging you to let it all go, let the wind take your baggage and see her there once again, she needs a friend as much as you do. From the inside she’s been watching you, shaking your finger at her with the best of them. Telling her she isn’t good with the rest of them.

When you witness the hurt on her tiny open face you want nothing more than to protect her, and remember that she is you. To protect isn’t to lock yourself down and drive everything of worth away before they find fault in something you saw. Rest easy because there is someone beneath with eternal belief in your abilities. It was the one playing make-believe games you could fly, the one that didn’t know what it meant to die, there was nothing in this world she wouldn’t have tried. Realize She is You, which means there is nothing you can’t tap into. You understand now, it is your job to tend to her first. Which is why you are taking a moment to indulge her in your awareness of her existence.

Your life brought you here because it wants to remind you, it would search the ends of the earth to find you. Stop running from the gifts you have to give, your love. Your care. Your ability to look around you and see the wonder in the ways you wander. You are the first thought you think in the morning, you are the last thought you think before night takes you away.

Why not think them powerfully, start the day with a deep breath and a Good morning beautiful while you conduct one final reach around on your pillow. Why not fall gracefully into sleep with the same Good night my precious cargo, sweet dreams, carry me safely into the morning. 

Rinse and repeat.

Your existence is magic in action, something so much more incredible than a disappearing coin. Even on your darkest days, you shine, and when you need some peace of mind… Picture that little child, looking at you through between your eyes, she loves you and looks for you to lead her into the dreams she once dared to believe in.

Now I want you to close your eyes, and think of the first beautiful thing about yourself that comes to mind, then let it go and move to the next, take time to breathe until you’re no longer vexed. You are your best when you’re inner little one is at the wheel, so look to her for a hug and see how you feel.


Thanks for meditating with me. I hope your day is long and full of beautiful things!! ❤


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