It would be crazy for me to run down the street yelling about conversion to fitness. Right?

Unlike the brave, door knocking Religious peddlers I have enjoyed in the past, I cringe at the idea of walking up to someone who “looks sad” and preaching on about the benefits of starting a journal.

After being on the receiving end of antidotal advice from do-gooders, I would probably avoid pushing hot buttons on a frazzled friend by telling them in the heat of the moment:


“to practice deep breathing techniques to calm themselves down.”

In any one of the cases listed above, the ratio of good outcomes to bad is somewhere close to one in a million.

Not only would people probably report me for disorderly conduct (it has happened before), but the message would quite possibly go unheard.

worse yet, people might discount and associate the life-giving habits with a mad woman, a know it all, or a nuisance and subconscious navigate away from it.

So why should we expect anything different from an online audience?

Why are there a million and one ways to fulfill your dream physique, develop your writing, and clear your mind of stressful filth, all testifying that not only are they the BEST, but some even go as far as to say, the only, way to lose or gain what you desire?

I would like to introduce you to a new way of thinking, one that has worked for me and the people who influenced my lifestyle choices positively on my journey to peace of mind, body, and soul.

For those of us that struggle to meditate thanks to an overactive mind. For those of us with sweet teeth and chubby cheeks that came with our beautifully unique packages.

For anyone looking to challenge themselves and push past the status quo of comfort and settling in, I applaud you!

If you are looking for an adventure, don’t know where to start. Please, pull up a chair, or push it away and squat into an imaginary seat if you are brave enough to accept my playful challenge and ask me your questions. My life revolves around the lifestyles I’ve chosen and like you, I am always seeking growth.

If I don’t have the answers we can seek them together!

This one’s on me and dedicated to you.

TRUTH BOMB: There is no best workout ever, there are in fact unlimited options, so let’s figure it out together. Join me for more stories, journeys. potential paths, and common misconceptions that people capitalize on through misinterpretation and micro viewpoints. Let me help you begin your journey with the steps I’ve taken to further my own. Happy Trails!

Please respond with questions, concerns, or personal frustrations. I would love to offer my 10 bountiful years of trial, error, and success with you!


Hit Me!

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